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Share on Whatsapp Juliani and Brenda [Photo: The two later went open about their relationship and it has been over five years since. Envied by many as a celebrity power couple, the two got a baby in late That was after we broke the news that Juliani had confirmed that he was the father of the unborn baby. I thank God, for this is a blessing. For the last four years, they have been under paparazzi lenses both for their achievements and sideshows in what has been an on-and-off affair. It is probably not a secret that Brenda and Juliani have been having issues in their marriage. Which couple does not have issues, after all?

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Tuesday, 14 January Biografi: Juliani, perandori filozof me prejardhje Shqipetare Perandori Julian kishte prejardhjen e tij nga fisi i Flaveve, fis i cili vinte nga Pellazget e Shqiperise. Nje vend I famshem per lindjen e luftetareve trima. Kur Perandoria Romake, rrezikonte te shkaterrohej ne shekullin e dyte pas eres sone nga Alamanet e Perendimit dhe Gottheve te Veriut, te cilet kishin plackitur Greqine Tainarin dhe Persetne Lindje, atehere u shfaq nje general me shume pervoje nga Shqiperia i cili shpetoi shtetin Romak.

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What age did I start dating. Next Best Compliment that I ever received. I have very good skin tone. Next Juliani Hariani Tanny Chris Cyran Nelia Eryssa Brijesh Bharadwa Jeyaveln Natesan Nicole Bieker. Somduth Dhunessur Faiz Basalamah Pavan Kumar Sukla Brenda Talhelm Keerthi Santhalingam Carrie Herrell Vicky Pablo Campos Irina.

Daily Mirror Those inner demons inevitably lead us to the sexual recesses and Samantha was that outlet this last Edwin Louis Cole, the famous author once said; Marriage may be the closest thing to Heaven or Hell any of us will know on this earth. This statement rings true. Even the best marriages have moments of extreme torment in them. She had already undergone brain surgery in and had been battling lupus for years. But none of that prepacored her for the agonizing battle which began on a fresh fall afternoon in New Haven, Connecticut, as she cycled home from work From buying that expensive dress, a pair of high heels and hiring makeup artists, they will do anything to look perfect just for that event.

But most get disappointed by the so-called makeup She posted a sad caption talking about the loss of her father which broke her. Benjamin Franklin famously wrote that In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Well, Mowzey Radio now sadly knows this for a fact.

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Tweet on Twitter Unless you inherit wealth from your oldies, getting rich is a hard task. Not just that, getting rich at a young age, from scratch is actually a herculean task. You might think that the young, rich and famous guys the athletes, the musicians etc made there by sheer talent but no, it takes more than talent. How exactly do you become rich at a young age?

Brenda Wairimu and Juliani are rumoured to have broken up after one year of dating. They have been dating since the year and Juliani have openly admitted to be dating. Many social media participants have share their comments and opinions about the breakup of Brenda Wairimu and Juliani.

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Kenrazy and Sosuun Kenrazy with Sosuun These two have hold each other down for so long that everybody in the music industry knows them. They are both entertainers who are signed by the same record label GrandPa records and they are making it big in the industry as they are in family, they have a cute daughter together. You must agree, they looked good together. When I get married, I would love to have what Wahu and Nameless have.

Dj Mo being a professional disk jockey and a host in television with Size 8 being a musician, they really know how to live in the spotlight together. Though they went their separate ways, this is yet another couple that we would love to get back together just like Dennis Okari with Betty Kyallo. Brenda Mulinya being a revered reporter in Nation TV with Allan Wanga being the professional footballer he is, what could go wrong.

Everybody loves the Wangas.

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List March 25, Amy Adams: Amy Lou Adams was born on August 20, Adams began her career on stage performing in dinner theatre and later made her feature film debut in Drop Dead Gorgeous.

My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie is a direct-to-DVD and VHS animated film based on Mattel’s line of My Scene dolls. It features Barbie and Lindsay Lohan, who plays is the third feature with the My Scene characters, and the only one that was full-length. The film was directed by Eric gh the title of the film suggests a trip to Hollywood, California, the entire plot.

From earth we came and back to the earth we shall return. Mowzey Radio was interred into the earth this past weekend 3rd of February after he passed on having clung on to his life in a coma following a vicious bar brawl that he is said to have instigated. It would seem some opportunists decided to use his remains and gravesite for some black magic rituals According to this man, cheating has been there since the old days and attraction is the main cause. This comes barely a year after Samuel Abisai won million jackpot.

On Wednesday morning, the winner of over million arrived at the Carnivore with his own entourage. The red carpet was rolled for Ogada who was accompanied by his wife Agnes Nasirumbi who works as a clinic receptionist in Kibera. The year-old was dressed in a shimmery bubble dress with a blue coat. SportPesa announces win of Ksh The little known dancer identified as Mose Iyobo was captured on video as he tried to ran over the journalists who were requesting to interview him.

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Online singles Chris dating keshia knight pulliam webber Damia Ward-Henley, who in court papers describes herself as a friend of Hartwell and Tonya Carroll, alleged Carroll told her ‘she wanted to get something that would cause someone to have a miscarriage,’ TMZ reported Wednesday. Caroll was dating Hartwell while he was still married to Pulliam and, Ward-Henlet said, was upset when she learned in June that Pulliam was pregnant by Hartwell.

Proceeds will also go into building 10 college prep schools in some of America’s inner cities. Let me find out it looked as if damn near everybody and their mama attended Chris Webber’s Bada Bling Gala over the weekend. But still there were a lot of A, B, C and D-list celebs there. Pulliam since has claimed that she and Hartwell nearly split up earlier due to alleged infidelity.

Juliani had requested his fans to join him during a charity event at Korogocho slums and amazingly, Brenda Wairimu was the first to respond. The rapper was shocked that the celebrity uptown beauty.

Plot[ edit ] The My Scene girls are attending high school in Manhattan when they find out there’s a new teen spy movie called “Spy Society” being filmed there, starring Lindsay Lohan who plays Mariel St. Clair, the lead character and fictional character Ryan Ridley who plays Lohan’s love interest in the movie. While the girls, Barbie , Chelsea, Madison, Nolee, and Delancey, go to watch it being filmed, they get the idea to sneak into the film by pretending to be extras. While working as extras for the movie, the girls quickly learn that there’s actually a lot of work that goes into making a movie, such as getting to the set really early in the morning, doing hours and hours of takes on a scene, and Chelsea keeps getting terrible roles such as towel girl, trash girl and even being forced to clean up after the horses that are being used in the movie.

The girls imagine themselves becoming best friends with Lindsay Lohan, who turns out to be really nice and down-to-earth and who they do end up becoming friends with. When one of the actresses on the set gets hurt and is unable to play her part, Madison’s called in to take her place. The actress she’s replacing plays the movie’s lead female villain, although the character only has five speaking lines After a while, the fame starts going to Madison’s head.

She also thinks that she and Ryan are dating as they always go out together and the tabloids refer to as “Ryan’s Mystery Girl. But Madison’s very rude to them and pretends that she does not know them.

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Well, anybody who says the beautiful ones are not yet born has some thinking to do. Caroline is all that and more. Hmm, is it just us or does anybody else also feel like grabbing a Tusker, pronto! But, as our panelists found out, many Nairobian men rank her quite highly.

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Posted by BrotherHermenegild on Sep 12, in Calendar 1 comment In the early part of the thirteenth century of the era of our Lord, the greatest and fairest part of Spain lay crushed under the yoke of the Saracens, and countless numbers of the faithful were held in brutal slavery, with the most lively danger of being made to deny the Christian faith and of losing everlasting salvation.

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T check out funny behind the scenes moments when the cameras aren’t rolling Pulse – Is Brenda Wairimu Pregnant? The good news, that celebrity lovebirds Brenda Wairimu and Juliani are back together was received with joy; at least, if not by everyone, by the media. Shirleen Wangari Shish Brenda Wairimu goes international. Ruto meets warring Narok leaders in last minute fire-fighting bid; http: A job that doesnt include filing a thousand lawsuits per minute at the High Court!

The good news, that celebrity lovebirds Brenda Wairimu and Juliani are back together was received The rather socially cagey actress could not confirm nor deny the rumours and after minutes of taking us round, insisting that she wanted to know who

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