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The Enclosed Instruction Book

The Stun Gun Dropping his opponent throat first onto the top rope Trademark move: Axe Handle Elbow Drop Trademark move: Mudhole Stomping Corner Stomps Finishing move: Stone Cold Stunner Stunner Wore a knee brace on his left knee then eventually both knees. Wears a black leather vest as a part of his ring attire.

One of the greatest wrestlers of the 20th century.

LazyTown (Latibær in Icelandic) is an English-language Icelandic children’s educational musical comedy program made by an international crew and performed by .

She mainly focuses on vlogging, fashion and make-up. Her fan base is made up of over 5, , subscribers or “Marzipans. He wrote back and they began communication through Facebook until Felix traveled to Italy several times to visit her from August through October of Marzia went to Sweden to live with him for a period of time until when Felix moved to San Paolo, Italy. While there, they both stayed at Marzia’s parents’ house. Marzia has traveled abroad many times with the first being to Los Angeles from May 16th, to May 21st, with Felix.

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The Filter Does a personalised number plate make you a terrible person? Does owning a personalised number plate immediately identify you as having more money than sense? But would that be a good thing, and what would it say about me?

This is an episode list for iCarly listed by date of premiere. Every episode begins with a lower case i which represents the internet, as in “iCarly”. Nickelodeon, the channel that produces and airs the series, occasionally schedules and airs the show’s episodes out of chronological order.

His identity is anonymous but there is alleged evidence that his first and last name is Christopher Smith. On YouTube, he is the most subscribed person in his Native country. He currently lives in a suburb called Cannington in Perth, Western Australia. Content His videos mostly consist of him throwing, mixing, or smashing food ingredients against the counter tops and floor of his kitchen in a random manner, generally creating a large mess.

It is this randomness that make his videos comedic. He uses a large quantity of eggs in his videos, and frequently claims to have an “egg fetish” and sometimes uses Dolls, Chicken Meats, Raw Fish. Most of his recent videos start off looking like real how-to videos, but end up as explained above. Due to the very large amount of food that is frequently wasted in his videos, this has lead to the channel becoming somewhat controversial. While there is some controversy surrounding the waste of food, these comments about kids in Africa dominate most of the recent videos’ comment sections, leading to many people getting annoyed at others that post these joke comments, because the joke has become so overdone.

However, It has been claimed that Howtobasic works at a grocery store as his other job and uses all expired food. List of subscriber milestones HowToBasic reached 1 million subscribers on 17 June HowToBasic reached 2 million subscribers on 6 October HowToBasic reached 3 million subscribers on 10 March HowToBasic reached 4 million subscribers on 9 October

Blue Cat Blues

She lives in a yellow house with Mayor Meanswell, her uncle. Recognizable by her all-pink outfit, Stephanie is initially disappointed by Ziggy, Stingy, Trixie and Pixel, her friends’ laziness and coaxes them to partake in healthier activities. Her attempts are often nearly thwarted by Robbie Rotten, but Stephanie is eternally optimistic and always manages to triumph over any challenges in the end.

He resides in a futuristic blue airship above LazyTown and is alerted to impending people who need help by a beeping crystal that glows on the chest of his costume.

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Edit Rosalina is a tall lady. She’s six feet tall in her base form, but she can grow taller depending on who’s nearby. The tallest she’s ever been was an astonishing fourteen foot two. This ability of hers makes getting an accurate measurement for her weight complicated. Her breast size depends on how close she is to someone she’s attracted to. She has beautiful light-blonde hair, and aqua blue eyes. She is often seen wearing a light blue dress and sporting a wand with seemingly no function.

Background Edit In , Princess Peach was eight and a half months pregnant when Mario accidentally sent her back to the year Rosalina happened to be adopted by a family of aristocrats, which was fortunate considering she would have eaten a normal family out of house and home. She was home-schooled for much of her life, but she eventually convinced her adoptive parents to let her attend a normal high school, where she quickly became popular.

Mario received help from her in one of his adventures in space, though she mostly stood around while Mario did all the work. According to scientists, her body requires about 8, calories in a day, even in her moderately small form.

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The Star Wars Holiday Special. There exists an obscure film called Geek Maggot Bingo. Of the entire film, the Word Salad Title is probably the least bizarre; there are cowboys, mad scientists, vampires, hunchbacks, transvestites, phones made of cardboard, cats covered with marker scribblings, the cheapest props and special effects you’ll ever see that are somehow strangely creative , at least a dozen samples of stolen music, and that barely scratches the surface of how screwed up this film is.

Watch The Cinema Snob ‘s review for a better idea. The American Civil War with vampires. Also apparently Abe himself arranged his assassination after he was bitten by a zombie, as he considered turning into one a Fate Worse Than Death.

If you think you’ve memorized every single detail of your fave show, take the 13 Reasons Why quiz below and test your knowledge before season 3 premieres.

Although Lesnar did win the championship the following year, and became much more famous and accomplished by going into pro wrestling and MMA, he admitted in a March interview that the loss to Neal still stuck with him. Goldberg is the only wrestler Lesnar wasn’t able to defeat for most of his WWE career. Worse, their second encounter not only ended with Lesnar’s loss — he also got squashed flat. He finally got a win over Goldberg at WrestleMania A week later, Triple H showed up and put a stop to it.

Lesnar’s pro-wrestling character has always been sort of a jerkass , but in the early s, he would help out fan favorites like Rey Mysterio if they were getting mugged by a group of heels or something. In fact, he’s neither truly a Face nor a Heel: In pro wrestling, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker.

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Dating back to roughly the 14th century, it is said to contain a pool of advanced knowledge not known to mankind. Contents [ show ] Discovery and Distribution For as long as anyone can remember, the Enclosed Insruction Book had been kept safely in the deepest reaches of the Vatican archives; It was during Dr. Robotnik’s brief time as the pope that the book finally saw the light of day once more.

At Mario and Luigi’s request, Robotnik ordered Scratch and Grounder to retrieve it for the handsome reward that the Italian brothers offered. Due the Inscruction Book’s age, it has become extremely brittle, causing the clumsy robots to lose a few pages along the way. With Robotnik and the brothers none the wiser, Coconuts was able to steal whatever fell to the floor and sell it on the black market.

YTP Thomas The Nationality Confused Steam Locomotive – Now On DailyMotion Find this Pin and more on youtube poop by Owen Warburton. YTP Thomas The Nationality Confused Steam Locomotive – Now On DailyMotion – YouTube.

DashieXP2 For some reason, this channel has a lot less subscribers than Dashie’s other two main channels. It revolves around reading fan mail, unboxing videos, and videos where he records him and his friends hanging out in town in a series called ‘ Hanging with Dashie ‘. Negativity and Criticism Trolls Dashie will sometimes receive spam comments on his comment section, but these are mostly ignored. Trolls will infrequently cause advertising for fake products or hate from people who generally dislike Dashie’s loud personality.

Fanbase Even though his fanbase is teenagers or perhaps younger, his fanbase is surprisingly mature and not overly-loyal at least to some extent. However, as years have gone on his audience has reeled in a lot of irresponsible younger children which can cause problems. Gladly, there are not a lot of arguments in the comments sections, just unoriginal jokes which are probably a lot more preferrable. Hate Hate is rare on Dashie’s channels, but any hate is usually when a video of his becomes popular and is seen by the wrong audience.

However, any fan can hate. Some die-hard Dashie fans who have watched him from the start blame Charlie for him not being as good as he used to be in a lot of respects. The average fan will get annoyed if Dashie keeps posting videos on his gameplay channel for games that are boring or not enjoyable to watch. Trivia Dashie was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Florida with his family at the age of 8. He now resides in California and is closer to his real-life homies.

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A place to venture into the depths of YouTube and view some things you never thought you would. Posts should come from the deep part of YouTube. Posts newer than 5 months will be automatically removed by the modbot.

Access all the winners since , along with high res WW model archives dating back to ! Not only that. Microminimus is a vibrant community of Bikini Lovers sharing their love for Bikinis. s of new photos are uploaded by contributors every day! To find out more: Take the tour.

Since the Faces of Evil storyline, she had been frozen solid from Ganon freezing the Fountain of Life. When Link used a Fire Stone on her, she was temporarily thawed out only to be frozen again. This same fate befalls her again once Queen Beryl ‘s forces invade the worlds. She tried to tell Link what became of Gwonam , but was frozen again before she could tell. It’s obvious, if players pay attention, that Dr.

Rabbit helped Siobhan in their conquest. Anutu Edit Support Ability: In The Faces of Evil storyline, he provided Link with a sword upon their first meeting.

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Encyclopedia Dramatica Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About To Divide by Zero is an internet slang term describing an action that leads to an epic failure or theoretically unlikely disaster, such as an earth-shattering apocalypse or a wormhole in the time-space continuum. In the thread, posters were sharing their chat logs with ChaCha. In Mathematics In math with real numbers [2] , values that represent quantities along a continuous line, division by zero is an undefined operation [3] , meaning it is impossible to have a real number answer to the equation.

The article, which described a series of satire articles aimed at the gaming blog written by another gaming blog The Game Rag, humorously proposed a challenge of recursive criticism: Only then can you create a chain reaction of circular, never-ending prepositional phrases that cause a rift in time space, ultimately opening up a black hole that devours us all.

Have at it, you! Following the rise of unlikely speculations that the project could accidentally yield a tiny black hole on the surface of the Earth, the Large Hadron Collider quickly became associated with the humorous concept on 4chan. Voices article [23] about a DDoS attack on the site. Additionally, various image macros simulating hypothetical consequences of dividing by zero have appeared on FunnyJunk [20] , Very Demotivational [21] and Tumblr.

How many cookies does each person get? And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.

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