Ice structures, patterns, and processes: A view across the ice

W Kenny Committee Members: It is apparent, therefore, that even allowing for the known absentees, there had been a number of changes of personnel from It was noted at that meeting that John Sinclair had resigned and people were unsure of the whereabouts of William McLean the Bass Drummer, which was a key position in the Band. However, William McLean re-appeared at the next meeting and was promptly added to the Committee. There was therefore a pretty full complement of pipers and drummers as early as the autumn of , which was just as well because the Band was in great demand from then onwards for many community functions in Dumbartonshire such as Remembrance Day parades and parties celebrating the successful end of the war. Fund raising and social life also took a high profile in the winter of , often going hand in hand, and a number of Band traditions were established or perhaps re-established then. The Highland Ball High on the priorities was re-creating a peacetime social life, including the holding of the annual Highland Ball. The first post-war Ball was held on 1st February It would be hard to exaggerate the enthusiasm with which Band members embraced the Ball or the fondness of the memories of the attendees, even after all these years.

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Their Website I generally enjoy walking, but not through suburbs where everything is hidden behind high walls. I like to be able to see nature — preferably the sea, the mountains and the wide open spaces, but also smaller glimpses, including the things that people have done with their gardens. So, as I parked the car and set out to explore Delta Park I was aware of a sense of relaxation and expectancy.

I arrived in Cowal in , and worked as an outdoor education teacher, at Benmore and Ardentinny Outdoor Education Centres. I am now retired but remain a resident of Ardentinny. During work and leisure, I wandered throughout the area, looking for attractive places and interesting geomorphology.

One Last Chance I’m sorry, that’s all that I can say As I try to say more, words fail me today I never meant to hurt you my love, this you must believe I know that now the lost trust is what I must achieve You are the love of my life and I can’t let you go I’ll make it my life’s mission to make up for my mistakes forever more I do not ask much of you, just give me one last chance Just let me make you happy, bestow on me your glance. And I seem to see more pathos in poor human Lives each day. I’m sorry for the strong brave men, who shield the weak from harm, But who, in their own troubled hours find no Protecting arm.

I’m sorry for the victors who have reached success, to stand As targets for the arrows shot by envious failure’s hand. I’m sorry for the generous hearts who freely shared their wine, But drink alone the gall of tears in fortune’s drear decline. I’m sorry for the souls who build their own fame’s funeral pyre, Derided by the scornful throng like ice deriding fire.

I’m sorry for the conquering ones tho know not sin’s defeat, But daily tread down fierce desire ‘neath scorched and bleeding feet. I’m sorry for the anguished hearts that break with passions strain, But I’m sorrier for the poor starved souls that Never knew love’s pain. Who hunger on through barren years not tasting joys they crave, For sadder far is such a lot than weeping o’er a grave.

I’m sorry for the souls that come unwelcomed into birth, I’m sorry for the unloved old who cumber up the earth. I’m sorry for the suffering poor in life’s great maelstrom hurled, In truth I’m sorry for them all who make this aching world. But underneath whate’er seems sad and is not understood, I know there lies hid from our sight a mighty germ of good.

And this belief stands firm by me, my sermon, motto, text – The sorriest things in this life will seem grandest in the next.

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Many of these customs dated from well before the Victorian era but increased exponentially after the death of Prince Albert in Queen Victoria then plunged herself – and her country – into an over zealous and elaborate display of mourning. Woe betide anyone who chose to ignore the accepted ‘rituals’ of mourning! It was only from the Edwardian era that many of these rituals, such as the period one must wear mourning, were slightly relaxed but many elements of mourning are still practised today.

New Zealand is an extraordinarily unique country offering a continent’s worth of scenery crammed into its two main islands – having every geographical feature you can think of, plus more! The Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa – the Land of the Long White is it, the ultimate tour throughout this amazing country, for the lucky few who have time on their hands.

Under a Creative Commons license open access Abstract Dolomite concretions from Paleoproterozoic organic-rich sediments of the Franceville Basin Francevillian in southeastern Gabon are studied. These concretions, belonging to one of the rare well-preserved Proterozoic sediments in the world, are mainly observed in the shaly levels of the Francevillian B1 Formation.

The concretions often show a central pyrite-rich layer. The decrease in the carbonate content from the centre to the edges, and the carbon isotopic signal of carbonate within the concretions indicate a concentric growth of the concretions prior to compaction and precipitation of carbonate associated with the degradation of organic matter during early diagenesis. From its geochemical signature and texture, dolomite was not recrystallized.

Moreover, the interior of the concretions shows well-preserved accumulations of microbial mats. These concretions thus appear to represent an exceptional record of the biogeochemical signature of the crucial period when the oxygen rose for the first time in Earth’s atmosphere. If their rare-earth element pattern does not seem to reflect that of Paleoproterozoic seawater, they appear as potential tools for estimating the original oceanic temperature in surface sediments.

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There is also a golf course and tennis courts within the village. Innellan serves as an excellent base to begin walking or cycling along the coast and aro To the front of this Dunoon cottage is a decked area where you can sit and enjoy the magnificent open views across the Firth of Clyde. The nearby village of Innellan Inveraray Jail, Kilmory Castle and a choice of beautiful gardens are also well worth a visit.

The site has a rich heritage, dating back to The existing warehouse building, which sits diagonally on the site, was initially designed as an indoor racetrack for whippets. Over the years, as the building changed ownership, the use changed to a vehicle showroom and then to workshop spaces for small artisans and business owners.

Bum reviewing James Cameron ‘s Avatar. This is when several works share a name. They could even be different media. And yet they’re completely unrelated. Essentially, Name’s the Same when applied to works. When the names are slightly different, it might be a case of Translation Matchmaking. If the titles are identical to each other except for an added article in either “a,” “the,” etc.

Compare Stock Episode Titles. See also Recycled Title , which is when a work set in the same fictional universe uses the same title as an earlier one.

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I have now replaced those images. After even some initial confusion among themselves, eagle eyed vintage tractor enthusiasts have now positively identified the incorrectly attributed images as being of a slightly later American built “Moline” tractor, almost certainly a model “B”. Additionally, newspaper reports of the demonstration, which have only become available within the last 12 months, fully support this attribution.

But I should also take the view that if I had not put these historic images out there the correct attribution may never have been made. Any further input there is appreciated. This Blog is an effort to set the record straight but again demonstrates to me the “go ahead” attitude of my Great Great Uncle William Watson of Heddon Bush in Southland New Zealand and his unshakeable belief that mechanization on the farm was the only way forward.

What is it? Last year the Sophie A Kanza Foundation, also known as, Candy Crafts Day hosted a Social & Speed Dating for Charity fundraiser was able to take five girls to their matric dance all expenses sponsored.

Each article was accompanied by a coloured painting by the artist John Nicholson, and these attractive paintings caught my imagination. What a difference from the black topped buff funnels of the Caledonian Steam Packet Co. If you find this of interest you might get a copy of Steamers of the Clyde by Stromier and Nicholson.

The original edition is long out of print but it was reprinted and updated in accompanied by a companion Steamers of the Clyde and Western Isles five years later. There are also two good collections of postcard material. Steamers of the West of Scotland of , are both excellent and duplicate some of the material that you will find here. Iona at Tignabruaich By the time that postcards became popular around , the Iona was a veteran, built in at J.

The Iona had deck saloons with alleyways round them on the outside. She remained on the Ardrishaig route most of the time but no longer sailed in the important 7: In this postcard, Iona is seen at the Broomielaw, readying to return to Ardrishaig from where she arrived in the morning. Columba When Columba was built, she was the largest steamer on the Firth and maintained a level of luxurious service for MacBraynes for over fifty years. With her saloons extending the full with of the hull, she incorporated a barber and a post office and was a most imposing steamer.

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The flag has two main features: On the blue state flag the stars are red outlined in white. On the red national flag, used by individuals or commercial institutions at sea, the stars are white. There are coins of 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents and 1 and 2 dollars, and notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, and dollars.

The flu pandemic (January – December ) was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus. It infected million people around the world and resulted in the deaths of 50 to million (three to five percent of the world’s population), making it one of the deadliest.

The mill was renovated into a hotel in the s and since then has been a destination location for the many discerning visitors to the Highlands. Enjoying a stunning tranquil location set within c4 acres of wooded grounds, the property has a truly romantic setting which is often visited by roe deer and red squirrels. The Cross benefits from ample grounds affording generous amenity space for both guests and owners to enjoy. This stunning and unique building demonstrates the care and attention taken by successive owners to provide exceptional comfort and service provision to its clientele.

The business reflects the high level of investment by the current owners who have steadfastly upgraded both the guest areas and letting rooms plus developed the service facilities. This is truly a unique property for anyone wishing to own a prestigious business opportunity in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park.

The outstanding ambience and provision of this AA 3-Rosette restaurant and 4-Star business is evident upon entry. With stunning and spacious public areas portraying a level of charm seldom seem plus the 8 unique and individually decorated en-suite letting bedrooms offer outstanding quality and comfort. The service areas include a modern, professional and well-equipped kitchen with additional food preparation, storage and laundry facilities.

This acquisition would be ideal for a couple with some catering experience who would like to drive the business elements to the next level. In addition, during the main season the trading model operates 5 days per week which allows for staff days off ensuring that business standards are maintained to the exacting standards required. Despite these restricted trading patterns, the business maintains a strong level of turnover and excellent profitability conversion rates. The present operating regime would enable new owners to extend the opening times quite extensively.

Income is generated through the 8 quality en-suite letting bedrooms and the sale of high quality cuisine which is supplemented by licensed wet sales.

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From food, to the people they meet on different levels, even their home life changes for those who stay at the student residence. Likewise children embarking on their primary or high school career, also have to contend with unfamiliar territory. Even though this may be an exciting chapter for some, for others these changes may cause a great deal of anxiety, which could negatively affect them.

comments on “Open mike 31/01/” 15 years to deploy 25, Benmore dams worth of generation mate. I’ll be waiting in anticipation. McFlock 31 January at pm. I can tell. Pull your pants up. If one of your doomsdays does occur, I suppose your last words will be an orgasmic “I told you so” that, sadly for you.

We are heading down to Dunedin for two events to launch the book in the south. An albatross requires wind for lift off. To enjoy being in touch with nature on the Peninsula you should come prepared for some vigourous weather. From the road coming into Broad Bay taken July One resident, not connected with wildlife, but firmly connected to the history of the Peninsula undertook a massive challenge. Rumour has it another bidder had plans to pull it down. It shows the wonderful vantage point Larnach Castle has of the Otago Peninsula.

With garden entry you can access the ballroom where the cafe is situated. It seems like a lot of baking powder but you need to have this much to get the dough to rise quickly. First secret — make sure the butter is cold as you do with pastry. Chop into small cubes. If time is short then you can cheat by using a food processor to mix butter and flour, but to get the best melt in the mouth scones mix the ingredients by hand.

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