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From his Pinoy Big Brother days, the actor has certainly shown us that he is indeed one of the best at what he does. He took the Philippines by storm with on-screen partner Kim Chiu as Kimerald. During their time, they were probably the most iconic young love team that was formed. Through the years, they pleased fans with their numerous projects together. The two would eventually form a romantic relationship outside of work. Unfortunately, they split up in the end.

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Tagalugin ko na para mas madali. Kita mo naka-lips to lips sila? Anyway, gusto ko sana gumawa ng mas mahabang “investigation” para dito pero hindi na kailangan thank God. Two years ago kasi ay ininterview ng PEP.

Aug 24,  · Weeks after their movie “How To Be Yours” opened in cinemas, Bea Alonzo and her former boyfriend, actor Gerald Anderson, are still seeing each other.

It was only yesterday, April 3, when Bea started following him on Instagram two weeks after she unfollowed him and deleted their couple photos on the social media app. Stories We Are Tracking Bea follows Gerald on IG after rumored breakup Based on his latest Instagram stories, Gerald posted videos showing several tourist attractions as he wandered around the city. A post shared by Gerald Anderson andersongeraldjr on Apr 3, at Gerald has been touring around Europe with other Kapamilya stars since March 27, as seen in his own Instagram posts.

Bea, on the other hand, spent the recent Holy Week break with her family in Japan. It has been two weeks since the couple kept their fans guessing about the real score between them. This prompted the speculation that the couple have called it quits with Pia as the alleged third party. It should be noted that both Gerald and Pia continued to promote their movie on their respective social media posts. Unfazed by the issue linking her to Gerald, Pia even appeared at a special screening for My Perfect You with her boyfriend Marlon Stockinger.

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Gerald Anderson is a 29 year old Filipino Actor. Born Gerald Randolph Anderson Jr. on 7th March, in Subic Bay, Zambales, Philippines, he is famous for One of the Big Four of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition and Sana Maulit Muli in a career that spans – present and –present.

He also has a younger brother Kenneth Anderson and two older sisters from his mother’s first marriage. When he was three years old, he and his family moved from General Santos City to San Antonio, Texas , and then to Springfield, Missouri , when he was six. Finally, at 14 years of age, his family moved back to General Santos City. Anderson is multilingual, demonstrating oral fluency in both English and Tagalog through his work; he also has some proficiency in Cebuano.

Acting career —present [ edit ] Anderson in Anderson was discovered by Joross Gamboa when Gamboa performed in Anderson’s hometown. Anderson and the other housemates entered the Big Brother house on April 23, After 42 days, he was named Teen Third Big Placer on the show. In August of that year, he appeared in Agimat:

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After their breakup, Gerald Anderson started dating Maja Salvador, who was Kim Chiu’s best friend. Kim Chiu celebrated Gerald Anderson on his 10 year anniversary in show business in February, , and officially sent him a video message.

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Relationship dating details of Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu and all the other celebrities they’ve hooked up with.

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Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 1

In an interview with InterAksyon, Gerald shared that while there initially may have been the slightest hesitation, he and Kim eventually realized they wanted to accept the project. We also owe it to the fans. Kim and Gerald had been taping since October last year and based on the teasers that were shown in the weeks leading to the first airing, they seemed to be doing well on the set.

Despite many years of leading separate lives and pursuing individual careers, the Kimerald tandem has not lost its chemistry, at least on-screen.

Mar 22,  · Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson are dating but many are speculating that they have a problem. Fans noticed on Wednesday that Bea Alonzo unfollowed Gerald Anderson on Instagram. But it’s not only Gerald she unfollowed, Pia Wurtzbach can’t be found on her following list.

Chronology[ edit ] April The 12 housemates entered the house by pairs. Unknown to her, her singing was overheard by everybody in the house. Peng You would not only become Kim’s “signature song,” but would also have a Filipino version to be sung not just by her, but also with her favorite band MYMP. Joaqui entered the house as Aldred’s replacement. Second nomination night – Joaqui, Fred, Jamilla, and Clare were nominated.

Brenda entered the house as Bam’s replacement. Third nomination night – Matt, Mikee, and Olyn were nominated.

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After a whirlwind romance in , the former couple Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo gave themselves another chance to be with each other again as they gave another shot when they started dating again roughly 7 years after.

One of the hardest things when it comes to romantic relationships is breaking up. This is the time that couples experience a tough and challenging time amidst the things that are happening in their life. Spending so much time with a person, getting to know him, being with him, and he was already part of the plans of future and suddenly things didn’t work out and all of those things and habit that you developed with him are all gone. All of those dreams are all gone and you were left feeling alone and do not know what to do.

What’s more, it is really hard for people to move on especially when the break up didn’t go well and there is no closure. It’s really hard to move forward with your life because of the baggage that you are carrying in your heart.

How is Maja Salvador towards Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo?