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What Can You Buy with Bitcoin? While in the past trying to find a bitcoin-accepting merchant for the item you want was often tricky or even impossible, there are now growing options for people who don’t wish to pick their way through hundreds of listings just to find products vaguely approximating those they want. Prices are in dollars but there is an option to pay in BTC on the checkout page. At the time of the announcement, its websites in France and the Netherlands were accepting bitcoin, with other countries to follow over coming weeks. TigerDirect , the online retailer of computers and consumer electronics now accepts payments in bitcoin. This is handy, perhaps, for miners who can buy kit with coin they have mined. Memory Dealers carries a range of networking hardware equipment and computer memory.

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This stream will provide an opportunity to learn from the results to date of the Zero Carbon Building Pilot Program and will highlight innovation in achieving zero carbon building performance. Topics include zero carbon design and retrofits, embodied carbon of materials, lifecycle assessment and lifecycle costing, renewable energy technologies and options, and how to balance the GHG reduction imperative with health and other environmental priorities.

Projects from Europe, the U. This stream is sponsored by: Establishing a Retrofit Economy in Canada Accelerating the large scale retrofits of existing buildings is critical in achieving global climate change targets. Successful pathways for improvement in existing building performance will be showcased in this stream, including first-hand experiences of deep building retrofit practices, fuel switching and renewable energy applications in Canada, the U.

 · The Development Cooperation Matchmaking facility puts those companies in touch with Dutch businesses. The goal is to stimulate joint investment in the emerging market. Small and medium scale enterprises with a solid business plan that are looking for a Dutch business partner should contact the Dutch Embassy in their

A painful duty – Exposing the British and Irish connection. What happened to my money? All fraud victims should read this. What e-mail services do the fraud criminals favour? Recently we have seen an increase in reports of very dubious loan and investment offers. Don’t let criminals fool you into sending an advance fee for an imaginary loan. Examples of fake names and titles used in suspicious e-mails follow.

Fraud criminals will often use the names of real companies in their junk mail. These companies are victims insofar as their reputations suffer at the hands of the scammers. A contact familiar with the fake loan and investment scams has this advice: What they seek is to pay with the equivalent of a ‘hot check’ and get the mark to pay the fee before the deposit bounces The scammer is willing to fund you without any apparent due diligence.

They use free and anonymous e-mail services – especially yahoo.

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Our membership of the WBCSD provides a partnership platform for our advocacy of more sustainable and responsible business practices globally. We continue to engage in several climate- and energy-related programmes to explore and deploy new technologies and solutions. We contributed to the work on scaling up renewables with two business solutions: Corporate renewable power purchase agreements: Our engagement in the zero-emission cities programme includes the development of replicable and scalable models for pilots for Amsterdam, San Diego and Singapore and active stakeholder outreach related to these.

 · The three days of [email protected] provided numerous opportunities for the representatives of Dutch high-technology businesses and Grenoble-based science and innovation leaders to meet, exchange ideas and generally get to know each other better in

He was a Board member of several local affiliates. He has over 15 years of experience in the energy and infrastructure sectors, especially in the Middle East and Africa for the recent 10 years. He focuses on project financing for power projects in the region and has raised more than USD 5 billion through project finance market and capital market from to His current mandate covers power projects development thermal and renewable in the Middle East and Africa.

Up to date, he has closed a few wind farm projects deals in the region totaling more than MW in Ethiopia, Pakistan, Jordan and Sudan. He is experienced in wind power project development, project investment and financing, commercial transaction, etc. Liang Xuan is now the Chief Representative of Goldwind in the Middle East, to assist wind power projects development and to fulfill Goldwind globalization strategy and local renewable energy needs. Prior to his appointment with the Energy Charter Secretariat, Dr.

He was also Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Slovak Institute for International Studies , Editor in Chief for the MFA International Issues Journal and is the author of several articles on international relations, energy security, development assistance and Caspian oil and gas issues. A chairmanship of the Energy Charter Conference by member states was introduced in The culmination of the modernisation efforts however has been the adoption of the International Energy Charter in May This is a new political declaration which addresses the energy challenges of the twenty first century.

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Analytical-Services provides services for structure elucidation with state of the arte equipment and techniques e. Analytical-Services offers high quality, target oriented work standards over the entire method development, method validation and release analysis process. For more information visit: Biomat-IN The development of innovative biomaterials is based on advanced techniques in polymer chemistry, biotechnology, gene therapy, cell and tissue engineering.

It not only requires new multidisciplinary research strategies but also international cooperation. Biomat-IN seeks to stimulate this by bringing together 5 European clusters:

 · DUTCH INSTRUMENTS FOR PRIVATE SECTOR DEVELOPMENT LET’S DO BUSINESS! PSI Private Sector Investment programme MMF Matchmaking Facility ORIO The Facility for Infrastructure Development FDOV Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security PUM Netherlands Senior Experts CBI Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries

Finding Finding a Lagotto Romagnolo Whether you want to go with a reputable breeder or get your dog from a shelter or rescue, here are some things to keep in mind. Choosing a Lagotto Romagnolo Breeder Finding a good breeder is a great way to find the right puppy. A good breeder will match you with the right puppy and will, without question, have done all the health certifications necessary to screen out health problems as much as possible.

She is more interested in placing pups in the right homes than making big bucks. A good breeder can tell you about the history of the breed, explain why one puppy is considered pet quality while another is not and discuss what health problems affect the breed and the steps she takes to avoid those problems. Start your search at the website of the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America. Its code of ethics specifies that members must never sell their puppies to or through pet stores, and that dogs who are bred must be certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals OFA for hips, and have their eyes examined by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist before the first breeding and every two years thereafter.

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They will define challenges and solutions concerning sustainably providing food and nutrition security to the continuously expanding urban areas. MVO is developing a dynamic and fast-growing business network comprised of members as diverse as beginners, advanced users and leaders, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate giants. MVO inspires, connects and supports companies and sectors in their efforts to make great strides in corporate social responsibility.

MVO already reaches more than , entrepreneurs in a wide spectrum of industries, including healthcare, building and construction, textile, agriculture, facility management and clean tech. Related articles Increasing investments of the Dutch Agri-food sector in emerging economies Sufficient and healthy food for the booming African cities is a huge challenge. Dutch agri-food companies already play a significant role in the increasing worldwide demand for fresh food produce.

What do we do? Management. As of September , Mr Ron Strikker is Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Republic of Ghana. The Netherlands is one of the top five importers from Ghana, due to Cocoa. (PSI), 2xplore and Matchmaking Facility (MMF) are important catalysers for trade and development. More information on these /ghana/about-us/what-do-we-do.

Fixed outlets for example childcare facilities. Outreach services or example to the homes of the elderly. Some social functions to be based on mobile phones and web, for example monitoring and communicating with the elderly. Education and training Mobile specialized training units in trailers. Moving towards e-learning and collaborative web-based learning.

Retailing Peripatetic delivery at market days, market spots.

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The original article is available in German here: A translated version in English is provided below: But with complexity also comes risks. How can you correctly assess a threat situation? Are we even worried about the “right” things?

 · Netherlands plays a pivotal role internationally. Tuesday 26 September Facility w/ healthy ageing, mobility & vitality solutions in practice. Other meeting(s) Matchmaking The Hague Friday 29 September – Parallel visits: Hospital Build Hospital w/ architects, constructors, engineers,

Value addition for exports is limited, but the GoE wants to see this changed in Value addition for exports is limited, but the GoE wants to see this changed in the coming years. Humera type sesame is preferred for tahini especially in Israel , where it is used to make halva and hummus. These three products have their origins in the Middle East.

Tahini, halva and hummus have gained popularity in the USA and Western Europe in recent years and the products are being innovated on. New flavors are coming forward, which are not previously seen in Middle Eastern countries.

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News archive Knowledge Centre WMC With our technology leadership and professional approach, customers select us as their preferred supplier for all sorts of test solutions and wind turbine design tools. Our facilities include several rotor blade test stands and dedicated composite manufacturing and test laboratories. We understand the importance of customer focus starting with smart, cost-efficient solutions, not wasting time during the process, ending with delivering excellent results that enable our customers to develop their products further.

The transaction is expected to close within a few weeks’ time subject to certain pre-completion conditions. The facility will provide rotor hub testing for new GE turbines and also continue to offer blade and other testing, digital tools, research and similar services to the wider wind industry in Netherlands and elsewhere.

This facility allows simulation of real contact stresses to assess the wear of track and wheels. Also the development of rail defects is studied. Science Matchmaking is in line with the valorisation objectives of TU Delft for the application of scientific knowledge to of the Dutch economy and

The project makes use of adaptive technology of Ridder-HortiMaX. Van de Poppe’s appointment is in line with the group’s long-term strategy and vision to maximize the synergy between its various business units. Read more Smart automation facilitates ambitious seed breeding process Founded in by Alois and Sander van Vliet, Axia Seeds, based in the Netherlands, has rapidly evolved into a mature seed-breeding company.

Breeding vegetable seeds is precision work. It not only demands a great deal of patience, but also depends on closely monitoring the entire production process to ensure premium quality. Automation is now an integral part of this process, along with Axia’s own research laboratory, seed technology and close collaboration with both growers and consultants. Roy Verbeek, in charge of tomato production at two Axia sites, tells us how HortiMaX products – and especially our after-sales service – have made all the difference to their operation.

Southshore had been searching for ways to increase employee productivity for years, until this forward-thinking operation finally found HortiMaX Productive. Around 70 invited guests were present to share this special moment. Equipped with high-grade Dutch technology, this solar greenhouse simulates the climate conditions of a typical greenhouse in China.

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